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Apple iPad2

- the ultimate substitute for the Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP dialer comes with great features:

     New, Phone Dialer Pro/Network dialer   version 5.0:      

    Phone Dialer Pro over the network: 
        - it has all the features of Phone Dialer Pro listed below.
        - server computer has to have modem or another telephony hardware connected
        - client application can make and receive phone calls over the network
      Client application has full control over the server application, allowing for remote operation.

   New, Phone Dialer Pro/Excel dialer  version 6.0:      

    Phone Dialer Pro with Excel dialer
        - it has all the features of Phone Dialer Pro listed below
        - dials directly from Excel spreadsheet with the single click
        - records to wave file outgoing and incoming phone calls


      Phone Dialer Pro _ regular
      New in the latest version 4.8:      

     1. The ability to dial phone numbers from any document or browser page.     
     2. Support for multiple phone lines (up to 256 lines max). ---> multiline version
     3. Phone line status graphically represented ( up to  8 phone lines max ).
     4. Incoming call monitoring and/or automatic call  answer.
     5. Extend dialing on the existing call using dialer's keypad.
     6. Call transfer.
     7. Secondary phone book: ---> one click switching.
     8. DTMF tones ---> selectable tone length and time interval.
     9. Phone list: it dials queued phone numbers selected from Phone List.
10. Call Center: redirects a fax call to external fax application.

   11. Select the current location with the single click. 
   12. Dialing can be invoked from the command prompt with predetermined parameters.
   13. Compatible with Dialogic, Brooktrout and other telephony cards.

  • multiple user, full capacity profiles and easily accessible address books;
  • phone books with entries listed by Subject Heading tabs or tabbed Alphabetical index;
  • 27 Subject Heading tabs and 27 Alphabetical index tabs per user's profile,
  • 996 total speed dials per tab;
  • tabs & speed dials alphabetic sorting capability;
  • speed dials programmable with the different, multiple calling cards;
  • dial phone numbers from any document or browser page;
  • extend dialing on the existing call using dialer's keypad;
  • phone line busy automatic redialing;
  • 10 digit local call numbers-easy;
  • audio (sound) notification for: connected call, connected call after busy redials, incoming call;
  • show/hide the dialing keypad, space saving toggle to display only speed dial buttons;
  • caller ID capable, (ability to display the incoming caller name and phone number);
  • answer incoming calls after a specified number of the rings;
  • then launch selected application, sending keystrokes to it;
  • dialing can be initialized from the command line with predetermined parameters;
  • it will accept and queue the dialing requests coming from other applications;
  • logs outgoing and incoming calls;
  • speakerphone;
  • it can also dial a phone number without a modem;
  • compatible with Time & Chaos (Contact Manager and Time Management Software);
  • PDP extended version dials directly from Excel spreadsheet with the mouse single click


Phone book entries and speed buttons often become nightmares of ‘no longer truly alphabetical’ lists.
Axelrod can end up among the first speed dial buttons while Aaron rests near the end because of the original order of input. Scrolling can no longer rely on alphabetical parameters - other than knowing the first letter the listing comes under.
PHONE DIALER PRO uniquely and selectively sorts each alphabetical index , letter by letter or the whole address book. And allows an alphabetical sort for all entries under each Subject Heading tab.
Enter and move on. Sort at any time, as often as you like - for the sake of one new entry or to quickly tidy up weeks of entries. (See FAQ #12 for how to do this)

Phone Dialer Pro has special features directed at different groups of users:

-For regular users: Phone Dialer Pro offers all desired features with built-in simplicity and ease of use.

-For businessmen and professionals: Phone Dialer Pro can accept very long dialing sequences to accommodate calling cards, passwords and extension numbers. Phone Dialer Pro can also accept requests from other applications such as PIM's (personal managers), databases, spreadsheets, word processors and address books.

-For travelers: Phone Dialer Pro will always recognize international and long distance calls regardless of the originating call site (foreign country or another city) and will act appropriately,. by using predefined calling cards and/or additional prefixes to place a call.

-For multiple Calling Cards holders: Each Speed Dial button can be programmed to use a different Calling Card. Handy for optimizing usage of different Calling Cards where rates depend on the time zone and/or call destination.

-For software developers: Phone Dialer Pro can act as the Dial Engine by accepting command line parameters as a dialing string, keeping itself in minimized state yet being always ready to place a call.

-For investors and people using automatic banking systems: When the connection is made, a small Memo window pops up on the screen, containing all the information previously recorded such your account number., password and other relevant information. The extra memo space is time stamped and ACCUMULATIVELY allows the user to input AND EDIT their own information, such as: the name of the person the user spoke to, a transaction confirmation number or anything the user may need as reference.

-For power users: To automate the dialing process Phone Dialer Pro will accept special dialing characters: "," ( 2 seconds pause), "$" (wait-for-billing- tone), "@" (wait-for-quiet) and "W" (wait-for-dial-tone). It will accept and send to the modem unlimited number of dialing characters, subject to a hardware limitation.

-For small businesses: Phone Dialer Pro keeps detailed logs for all outgoing and incoming calls. The logs are self maintained; the user has the option to specify for how many days it wants to keep the log entries.

-For multi-users: Phone Dialer Pro can maintain multiple profiles; each has its own address book with speed dials and preserves user's preferences.

-For remote controlled equipment: Phone Dialer Pro can answer a phone call after a specified number of phone rings, launch any application and send the keystrokes to it.

-For automated dialing: Phone Dialer Pro can dial a number, keep the line open for the specified period of time (sending additional characters), close the line and close itself if needed.

-For golf players, who often have a hard time calling to book a tee time Phone Dialer Pro will redial busy signals up to 999 times and when connected will alert the user by playing a customizable sound through the computer's speakers.

-For users without modems: Phone Dialer Pro can dial numbers direct to the phone receiver through the computer's speakers.


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