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Modem (half duplex)

Price in
US $

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Modem #1 - Data/Fax /Voice modem - 56 Kbps - V.90, V.92
external   USB
driver: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7


Free shipping USA/Canada

Modem #2 - Data/Fax/Voice modem 56K V.92 modem  64 Bit / 
external   USB
driver: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8


Free shipping USA/Canada

Modem #3 - Data/Fax -56 Kbps - V.90
(fast redial busy signals)

external - COM port
(RS-232 interface)
driver: Windows XP


Free shipping USA/Canada

Modem #4 - 56k (V.92) High Speed Data/Fax/ /Voice modem
external - COM port
(RS-232 interface)
driver: Windows XP
it works under Windows 7
>user report<


Free shipping USA/Canada

Modem #5 - 56K Data/Fax/Voice V.92 & K56 FLEX w/ mike and speaker jacks
internal PCI

driver: Windows XP


Free shipping USA/Canada


Modem (full duplex)




 1. All modems are individually tested and guaranteed to work.
 2. They come with drivers as indicated above..
 3. We offer full free technical assistance with the modem's installation when purchased from us.
 4. We charge $35 for the technical assistance installing the modem, when it is not purchased from us.
 5. Please make sure you select the right model.
     Generally we do not accept returns, but if you have to return it, we charge 30% restocking plus shipping costs.

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